What we do...

We work together, party together, are friends & family to each other, & most the most important fact of them all.. We are always there for each other..

"There are two different kinds of love... One you share with your partner, and the other with friends.. Although they are both true feelings.. Your friends are the ones who Truly are the ones to remain there for you.." - Matthew Amato

Although I love my blood family, these people mean more to me than anyone I know... Here are some fun pics of us doin our thang.. (Jenny wasn't being cooperative)


For YOU, DO IT and Repost:

Answer truthfully; don’t put much thought into it, JUST DO IT!

I`m going to ask you if you have a favorite of something and why it`s your fav. If you don`t have “just one” then just name ONE of your favorites. Ready? Go:

1)      What is your favorite song? And Why?

2)      What is your favorite word? And Why?

3)      What is your favorite food? And Why?

4)      What is your favorite TV show? And Why?

5)      What is your favorite quote? And Why?

6)      What is your favorite car? And Why?

7)      What is your favorite website? And Why?

8)      What is your favorite movie? And Why?

9)      What is your favorite dream vacation spot? And Why?

10)  What is your favorite color? And Why?

Now QUICK, name 5 goals that you have, all achievable within the next 3 months to 1 year:

Lastly, name 5 random things about you that you think really show the kind of person that you are: GO!


My Favorites!

I had the joy of hanging with my two favorite peoples this evening:

Wonderful TIme Time With All 3 Of Us!!

I love these two girlies... They mean the world to me, and they help me to be who I am and let myself free... Everyone needs someone in their life to help set themselves free of their troubles and just become themselves and BELIEVE!!! I love them with all my heart and forever will.. <33

- Love Matt :D
Tatiana & Jenny.. <3
3 of us! :-)
Me & My Cupcake <3 Tatiana.. 

How cute are we?? :p
Whyy so serious..? Lmao..
Lovvve this girl with my WHOLE HEART <333!!
Lmao.. That's all I can say about this pic..
Me and my Jenny!!! <3 her Forever!! <3!! Alll my heart..
Sooo cute... 
I absolutely LOVE this pic!! Almost as much as I love them!